UVI – UVI Workstation v3.1.12 Incl Emulator R2R Plugin Torrent

By | October 31, 2023

UVI – UVI Workstation v3.1.12 Incl Emulator R2R Plugin Torrent

Year/Date of Issue: 10/27/2023
Version: 3.1.12
Developer: UVI
Developer website: UVI Workstation
Bit depth: 64bit
Tablet: cured (Emulator from R2R)
System requirements: Win7+


UVI – UVI Workstation v3.1.12 Incl Emulator R2R Plugin Torrent uses the same emulator as in the cured Falcon (UVIEMU v1.0.8).
If you already have it installed, then you don’t need to install it again – just run Setup UVI Workstation v3.1.12.exe
Sees and works with all “merged” ones libraries for Falcon+ with those that require Falcon 2.8+ The cured Falcon 2.5.3 and this Workstation work together in the same system and do not interfere with each other.

A completely free multitimbral instrument that provides integrated effects and arpeggiator, unlimited parts, live performance features, and a smooth real-time workflow, UVI Workstation is our powerful sample player and more. It is compatible with all UVI and UVI-Powered instruments.

Additional Information :

  • No iLok driver is required to run.
  • Has better performance than legit.

Additional Function in R2R Edition:

  • Support EDEN encrypted SoundBank by emulation. You need one R2RUVI file for one library.
  • Legit SoundBank owners can generate R2RUVI with our emulator. You can use all UVISoundBank and Falcon Expansion you have. It’s even possible to share them!
  • If you are only interested in the UVI Soundbank (not Falcon Synthesis), UVI Workstation has better performance than Falcon. Especially, after we release v2.5.3, Falcon acquired additional Meta-Fortress protection that has bad effect to the performance. UVI Workstation does not use MetaFortress.

UVI is a Paris, France based developer of premium sounds and software for professional audio production. Over the past two decades UVI has released an extensive catalog of instruments, applications and effects, winning numerous industry awards and accolades. As a key technology partner UVI has worked with many companies to enable groundbreaking software instruments with the innovative UVI Engine.

Spanning over 60 releases ranging from mobile to desktop, UVI products are used by many of today’s top composers, producers, sound designers and musicians, being heard on numerous hit-records, film and TV scores and games. UVI products are crafted to deliver the finest experience possible—offering a wealth of unique and inspiring instruments, the highest quality sound, efficient and reliable performance and world-class user interfaces. Leveraging a deep technology portfolio, extensive experience and a passion for sound, UVI continues to push forward creating new and imaginative tools that both enable and inspire.

Setting Up Automatic Sound Bank Mounting

UVI Workstation offers multiple parts and high-quality studio effects for live performances. It seamlessly integrates with UVI’s extensive sound bank library. You can load not only a single sound source but also multiple sound sources.

To get started, open UVS-3200 and load the preset. For this sound source library, access the dedicated control panel on the sound source. Navigate to the Keyboards category and open Dreamland Keys, known for its captivating and moving tones.

If you wish to open multiple preset tones simultaneously, utilize the “Multi” format. Multi allows you to combine sounds from different sound source libraries and layer them. Simply press the MULTI button to access the multi-screen. You can see four parts on the screen, but you can add more and save your setup.

Now, let’s open a pre-made Multi file to explore its capabilities. This Multi consists of four different libraries. Click on “Default” at the top of the screen to open the Multi browser, select your saved Multi, and click OK. This Multi incorporates four different layers, resulting in a grand and rich sound that’s unattainable with a single-part synth.

Efficient Sound Management and Organization

UVI Workstation also boasts an excellent effects and arpeggiator engine. To dive into the effects engine, you’ll find numerous effects preloaded, including chorus, phaser, and delay. Each effect can be operated individually to shape your sound creatively.

Many UVI SoundBank libraries include specially programmed macro controls and dedicated panels for parameter manipulation, providing extensive control over your sounds. For easy sound source management, you can configure UVI Workstation to automatically mount sound libraries. This ensures quick access to your preferred libraries.

Now, let’s clear the Multi and load some tone presets. Open a single preset by double-clicking on the on-screen menu in the MAIN display. Explore the “Soundbanks” category in the browser, scroll down to Orchestral Suite, and select Classic Guitar. You can find various presets for different instruments in this category. For this classical guitar preset, there’s a handy key switch for changing the resonance and tone variations.

To set your preferred sound bank library for easy access, click the “three-line” button, select Preferences, and go to the “SoundBanks” tab. Choose your sound bank folder location, and it will be readily available in the Soundbanks category.

Creative Sound Design and Sculpting Techniques

You can create ensembles by loading different instruments into separate parts. Pay attention to the MIDI channel and port settings to ensure the correct response from your MIDI device.

Suppose you like a combination of sounds and settings. In that case, you can save it as a Multi for quick recall in the future. You can also add your favorite tones to your Favorites for easy access. To manage your Favorites, click on the Favorites category in the browser.

UVI – UVI Workstation v3.1.12 Incl Emulator R2R Plugin Torrent features a powerful search engine, making it effortless to find your favorite sounds even if you forget which sound bank they belong to. Open the browser, select the Search category, and use the powerful search functionality.

The Favorites feature is a valuable tool when creating or rebuilding a Multi. It allows you to instantly recall your favorite tones. By utilizing UVI Workstation’s efficient features, you can streamline your music production and sound management process.

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