Antonov Samples – LP Guitar – Repack (KONTAKT)

Antonov Samples – LP Guitar Repack (KONTAKT) Download

Antonov Samples – LP Guitar – Repack (KONTAKT)

Publisher: Antonov Samples
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

What is LP Guitar?

With “LP Guitar” you can create realistic guitar phrases, rhythms, riffs and solos. And it has user-friendly interface The library is based on the Gibson Les Paul guitar because this guitar has amazing outclass tones and high clarity in the mix. It is the perfect choice for many genres: pop, disco,indie, funk, rock, metal, etc.

LP Guitar Key Functions:

– Articulations (Legato, Slide, Strummer with 4 types of strums)
– Pickups switching
– Rhythm player (with base of ready rhythms)
– Zone switching (Positions)
– Humanize

LP Guitar Features:

  • Samples  44kHz / 32bit
  • Kontakt or higher
  • 15 GB (unpacked) and 5GB (zip archive)


Additional Information :
Reduced bit rate to 24bit (WaveLab) compressed in ncw and packaged in NKX
This distribution is for informational purposes only.

Note: you have used many plugin but LP guitar plugin is one of the most popular and important for mixers and music generators. Lp Guitar is used to clarify the tone and minimize the noise


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