Auddict – Octohorn (KONTAKT)

By | February 3, 2024

Auddict – Octohorn (KONTAKT)

Publisher: Audidict
Requires Kontakt 4+

Description: We are proud to present Octothorn, the first release in our brass series, featuring an ensemble of 8 horn players, 7 mic positions, and the goal of giving you absolute and complete control over your sound. This instrument was created with the intention of achieving something completely new in its ability to shape sound and the ability to sit in a mix with depth and realism. We achieve this through several new and innovative techniques, including seven mic positions carefully positioned to cover the entire sonic spectrum of chords and octaves and to minimize “sample layering” in tracks that kills track depth and more. .. Microphone positions can be changed and mixed.

Articulation sheet
No Legato (allows polyphonic playing)
Legato – normal slurred legato (piano and forte dynamic layers crossfade-able)
Oct Legato – True octave legato
Fst Legato – Fast legato specially for fast playing
Stutter (a quick stuttered grace note before the main sustain)
Chords < – Crescendo major, minor and open 5th chords
Chords > – Diminuendo major, minor and open 5th chords
Staccato – Short notes, with up to 5RR per dynamic layer (three layers)


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