GForce Software – M-Tron Pro IV v1.0.0 – MOCHA (STANDALONE, VSTi, VST3i, AAX) [WiN x64]

GForce Software – M-Tron Pro IV v1.0.0 – MOCHA (STANDALONE, VSTi, VST3i, AAX) [WiN x64]

Year/Date of Issue: 07/26/23
Developer: Gforce Software.
Developer website: Gforce Software
Bit depth: 64bit
Tablet: Cured [MOCHA]
System requirements: WIN 10+

The M-Tron Pro IV from GForce is the iconic Mellotron M400, a ribbon keyboard known for being used in the recordings of such famous artists as,
\like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Oasis, Trent Reznor, Trentemøller, AIR, Nils Frahm and many others.
His signature sounds are widely used in genres such as progressive rock and indie rock, as well as lo-fi and hip-hop.
M-Tron Pro is widely recognized as the best software Mellotron emulation, valued by top producers and avid Mellotron enthusiasts alike.
\Extensive 3.5 GB sound library, including more than 200 tape banks, opens up a wide range of sound possibilities.
The new and improved browser makes it easy to navigate this extensive library, making M-Tron Pro IV the ultimate source of inspiration.
Featuring an updated interface, GForce’s M-Tron Pro provides easy and efficient audio customization,
allowing you to shape sounds according to your creative ideas.

The M-Tron Pro IV comes with a host of exciting new features that enhance your user experience and enhance your creativity.
M-Tron Pro IV has a fully scalable user interface. Powerful new preset and tape bank browsers make it easy to navigate through an extensive library of over 800 presets, giving you quick access to your ideal sound. Take advantage of new features like Undo, Redo, Copy, and Paste for seamless editing and experimentation. Enjoy an expanded keyboard range that is now seven semitones lower.
Enjoy authentic tape playback with the new Tape Wow and Flutter feature, which enhances the organic imperfections that give the Mellotron its unique charm. Amp modeling adds warmth and character to the sound. The introduction of an alternative variable state filter and ensemble effect, new LFO shaping capabilities and a matrix reverb add even more depth and character to the sound. Advanced Poly Aftertouch and Velocity controls enhance playability and expression.

With these exciting new features, M-Tron Pro IV allows you to push the boundaries of creativity and elevate your musical productions.

Key Feature :
[New] Fully scalable user interface.
[New] Powerful preset and feed browsers.
[New] Additional filter with changeable state.
[New] Additional ensemble effect.
[New] Wow and Flutter with instability control.
[New] Amplifier simulation with warmth, noise and saturation.
[New] Matrix reverb effect.
[New] Custom FX locks.
[New] Expanded keyboard range (down seven semitones).
[New] Undo, Redo, Copy and Paste.
[New] Formation and assignment of LFO (Pitch, Filter, Pan, Level).
[New] Advanced Poly Aftertouch and Velocity controls for added playability.
Double-layer and separate keyboard operation.
Programmable response to MIDI CC via MIDI Learn.
Belt reverse, half speed.
Brake – Allows you to slow down the speed of tape playback to create stunning pitch shift effects.

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