Plugin Alliance & Deskew Technologies – Gig Performer Unlocked v4.5.8 [WiN x64]

Plugin Alliance & Deskew Technologies – Gig Performer Unlocked v4.5.8 [WiN x64]

Plugin Alliance & Deskew Technologies – Gig Performer Unlocked v4.5.8 [WiN x64]

Year/Date of Issue: 13 July 2022
Version: v4.5.8
Developer: Plugin Alliance & Deskew Technologies
Developer website:
Bit depth: 64bit
Interface language: English
Tablet: present
System requirements: WINDOWS: 64-BIT

Description: Gig Performer 4 lets you combine plugins and virtual libraries into live-ready effects racks. Users can control the operation of the setup on the fly, create sets of settings for different situations, change effects and their parameters. The program also offers numerous work automation settings that allow you not to be distracted by your laptop while performing.

The new version focuses on improving the program interface. According to the developers, the update is designed to make the appearance of the program cleaner and clearer, and easier to interact with during performances. For example, developers have increased the size of effect widgets, making them more convenient for working on a laptop screen.

Another notable innovation of the program was the appearance of the Global Rackspace function – an analogue of buses and sends from conventional DAWs. Users can build their own final effects rack and route signals from channels and plug-ins to it.

The creators note that saved global racks can be used as presets, instantly adding effect chains to other racks.

Another new feature is Probabilistic Sound Designer. With its help, users can randomize the parameters of effects and generate new patches. The system allows you to specify parameter ranges to make random generation a little more predictable.

Other notable changes include a scalable effects and envelope routing section and a favorites and presets system. The program also received its own MIDI player for running MIDI files during live performances.

Add. information:
Problem with SetLists solved!!!

1. Install the program
2. Replace “GigPerformer4.exe” in the installation directory from the GP4U_win_4_5_8_fix folder

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