Toontrack – Singer-Songwriter EZX (SOUNDBANK)

Toontrack – Singer-Songwriter EZX (SOUNDBANK)

Publisher: Toontrack
Website: Toontrack
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Some productions do not require large reverbs, powerful parallel compression or excessive amounts of saturation, but only the bare, unrecorded and acoustic truth. Presenting a collection of subtle, sparse, soft and mature-sounding kits, the Singer-Songwriter EZX is a tribute to just that. Welcome to the embodiment of a bespoke drum library for any selective songwriter who considers the raw, raw voice of the drum kit to be as much a storyteller as the song itself.

The Singer-Songwriter EZX was recorded in a selected room that was relatively small and transparent to ensure minimal environmental coloration. In total, it includes five complete sets recorded with sticks, as well as one configuration and several additional instruments sampled with brushes. To paint as broad a picture as possible, each set has been handpicked for its contrasting qualities, character and tonal complexity. In an effort to provide the most uniformly composed sets, the selection process has been carefully studied – from the matching of heads with tuning and cymbal sizes to drum tones, to the delicacy of the drummer’s stroke.

The result is an unparalleled collection of organic, rich and warm-sounding drums for laid-back train beats, smooth, matte pocket grooves or any steady background beat.

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