UVI – UVX-3P (UVI Falcon)

UVI – UVX-3P (UVI Falcon)

UVI – UVX-3P (UVI Falcon)

Publisher: UVI
Website: UVI
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: The UVX-3P takes inspiration from the classic 6-voice Japanese synthesizer introduced in 1983. With a rather sparse control panel, this synthesizer signaled a shift in the industry towards less sophisticated preset players aimed at bringing the famous Japanese analog sound into the hands of semi-pros and pros. amateurs who often could not afford or were intimidated by more expensive “tightly controlled” models.

Often overlooked due to its more conservative appearance, this synthesizer was in no way inferior in technical terms. He offered many of the same components as his more expensive siblings, a great programmer, and even boasted two DCOs, making him sort of a dormant powerhouse. With a darker and harsher sound than its “space” cousins, this synthesizer has been used by many famous pop artists such as Stevie Nix, Vince Clarke and The Cure, as well as electronic pioneers such as Orbital and The Future Sound of London.

Installation :
A library with the ufs extension can be copied where it is convenient, in the Falcon settings (preferences \ soundbank) add the path to the library.
Copy the license file from the R2R folder with the R2RUVI extension to C: \ ProgramData \ UVI \ R2R

UVI Falcon sampler is required to work with the bank


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