OrganArt Media – 1731 Gottfried Silbermann Organ (HAUPTWERK)

By | February 3, 2024

OrganArt Media – 1731 Gottfried Silbermann Organ (HAUPTWERK)

Publisher: OrganArt Media
Website: OrganArt Media
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz surround

Description: Sample library for Hauptwerk organ emulator
One of the representatives of the “village” organ type,
type created by the classic of organ construction of the Central German Baroque Gottfried Silbermann.
The master knew how to create a full-sounding instrument from just twenty registers!
This organ, built in 1729-31, is located in the Evangelical Lutheran church in the village of Reinhardtsgrimma near Dresden.
Its virtual model comes with fully recorded tremulated samples.
A more detailed description of the organ (in English) can be accessed from the program menu: Organ – Show organ information…

Additional Information
To load the organ in full quality you will need 6.5 GB of RAM

Copy the OrganDefinitions and OrganInstallationPackages folders to the Hauptwerk\HauptwerkSampleSetsAndComponents folder,
or select this folder to download the distribution (the final folder!) to avoid copying
Download in full quality:
And further..

If the sound of the organ seems too harsh to someone’s ear, you can try changing the values in the settings:
Organ settings – Organ preferences:
Audio engine – Air flow randomization – set to 150-200%
Wind supply model – Wind model modulation – set 150-200%

In the original version of the sample set, the tremulant affects the entire organ, which may not always be desirable.
An additional version has been added – Trem3, in which the tremulant is divided into keyboards.
In this case, from the default graphical interface of the console, only the general tremulant with a noise effect is activated, without functionality.
Three keyboard tremulants that depend on it are activated by buttons in the lower left and right corners of the console (picture in the distribution).
They can also be assigned to MIDI switches, MIDI notes and computer keyboards.

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